Your privacy globalturkeytravel.com it’s important for you. This information, including what kind of information is collected and monitored, how the information is used and with whom the information is shared, globalturkeytravel.com applications for information on websites are opened.

Disclosure and use of personal information

globalturkeytravel.com web sites without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself over the web globalturkeytravel.com ‘ u you can visit. However, in some cases we or our solution partners need your information.

You may choose to provide us with personal information in various situations. For example, you may want to provide us with personal information, such as an address or email, that may be necessary for us to contact you, process an order, or provide it in any size. globalturkeytravel.com you may also want to convey information about your training and work experience for a job that you are vacating and want to start. We want to inform you about how we will use them before we receive this information from you over the Internet. We respect your requests that you want this information to be used to contact you after your requests are met. We are someone else, for example, your spouse or a colleague, you give personal information about you, you get their permission.

globalturkeytravel.com use your information to get to where you want to decipher anything from websites, such as a product or service, a callback or ask for certain marketing materials. To get help if it is brought where you want it, with the success of this information, for example globalturkeytravel.com we can be shared with Solution Partners. In connection with a business, we may contact you in our customer satisfaction reviews or marketing research.

Also, globalturkeytravel.com information you provide From Websites, globalturkeytravel.com it may be used by parties and selected third parties for marketing purposes. However, before using this information, you allow you to make a choice about whether your information can be used in this way.

Our purpose is to protect your personal information and its nature. In order to ensure the security and quality of the information, we implement appropriate recommendations and actions, such as the use of certain important information.

In some cases, in addition to your information from websites, you may obtain information from different sources, such as October, confirming your address or other information about your business. Our goal here is to help provide a better service with the accuracy and size of the information we collect.

Cookies, beacons and other technologies

We sometimes collect anonymous information from those who visit our websites to help us provide better customer service. For example, we track domains where the person visits us, and the visitor globalturkeytravel.com we measure their impact on websites, but their information is done in a way that keeps them anonymous. This information is sometimes referred to as “clickstream data”. globalturkeytravel.com or globalturkeytravel.com Adi employees can be used to improve this data, training and statistics, and to help us provide better customer service.

In addition, information forms related to that transaction can be selected and combined with other anonymous information such as”clickstream” data, which collects personal information belonging to dimension in relation to a transaction. This information is used and examined only to help us understand the trainings and the ways they are followed. This information is not examined at an individual level. You can opt out of “cookies” that you do not want your business to be used in this way.

The information we mentioned in the previous paragraphs uses various technologies, such as” cookies”. A” cookie ” is a data element that introduces you to your valuable information, which can be scanned by a website, then stored on your computer as an anonymous tag. For better service to the size when you have just returned to the site, globalturkeytravel.com or”cookies”or other technologies sent by their health, which are third parties, are used. You can also set your scanner to turn off”cookies “before you receive the”cookie”. However, if you do this, some websites will not function properly. globalturkeytravel.com the Website is also used in the web”beacon ” and other technologies that aim to better customer service, these sites can be better edited. These technologies, globalturkeytravel.com it is located on various pages within the ‘ S websites. When a visitor accesses these pages, an anonymous warning is made that this visit may be processed by us or our security. Web ” beacons “generally work together with” cookies”. If you do not want to communicate your “cookies ”information with these pages, you can set your browser to close the”cookies”.

You close the cookies, web beacon and other technologies will continue to log in to these sites, but these other apps generated by anonymous” cookie” information, and will not be associated with care will not be taken.

Transition Date, Values

This information has been passed as of 01.01.2023. We reserve the right to evaluate this information over time as we deem appropriate. At any time, we reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove abbreviations of this information, but we will warn you about these changes, as well as show the date of the son update above my knowledge. Visit the site, accept the original version on the site at that moment, let it be known that you understand. We recommend that those who are used to being weird from valences revisit this knowledge.

Please do not comment when contacting us about your comments, questions, comments or suggestions regarding the information practices described in this statement.

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